Celebration in Wonderland (Out of Stock)

Beauty advent Calendar 2021 LIMITED EDITION

To shine as bright as the stars

A sumptuous countdown to end of year festivities, 12 wonderful surprises in luxurious, anti-age skincare and fragrance by Valmont, l’Elixir des Glaciers and Storie Veneziane await you.

Celebration in Wonderland (Out of Stock)

To shine as bright as the stars

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Bedazzle the party at your every appearance! Each of the 12 Advent Beauty Calendar boxes contains a gift of loving skincare, to give your complexion the glowing radiance it deserves, and a delicious perfume for the holiday season.


The one and only instant beauty icon: Prime Renewing Pack 50 ml The 15-minutes eye relaxer: Eye Instant stress relieving mask x2 The immediate shot of oxygen: DetO2x Pack 10 ml x 2 The essential balancing tonic: Vital Falls 30 ml The unbeatable source of energy: Prime 24 Hour 5 ml The hydrating and re-plumping serum: Moisturizing Booster 4 ml The hydration-activating serum: Hydra3 Regenetic Serum 5 ml The cherished eye contour treatment: Vos Yeux 5 ml The smoothing and enhancing prodigy: Serum Précieux Votre Visage 5 ml The elegant, seductive scent: Lady Code 8.5 ml


Prime Renewing Pack: For daily use to smooth and soften imperfections, apply a thick layer, leave on 3-5 minutes. Remove with damp cloth. As daily progressive regulating treatment, use a thin layer followed by cream. As a special instant glow treatment, apply a thick layer for 20 minutes. Remove with damp cloth. Eye Instant stress relieving mask: Squeeze the liquid capsule from tip to center until the patch is saturated and activated. Turn it over and remove foil backing. Apply patch under eye for 15-20 minutes. Remove and follow up with the cream best suited to your skin. It can be used as often as necessary: daily or several times a week for intense treatment, or once a week as maintenance. DetO2x Pack: Open the lid of the individual Deto2x Pack capsule. Apply generously to cleansed face and neck skin, avoiding the eye and mouth area. The mask will lather and increase in volume. After 7-10 minutes–once most of the bubbles have crackled–rinse with water and continue with the rest of your skincare ritual. Vital Falls: Apply product to a cotton pad and wipe the face or apply directly with hands. Avoid the eyes. Prime 24 Hour: Morning and/or evening, apply to the face following a serum. Moisturizing Booster: Every morning for 30 days, apply a full dropper of product with a light touch, followed by a cream application. Avoid the eyes. Hydra3 Regenetic Serum: In the evening, apply 2 to 3 pumps to the face and neck. Smooth it on with a light touch. For best results, follow up by applying the Hydra3 Regenetic Cream. Vos Yeux: Morning and evening. Dab onto eye area with your fingertips until all product is absorbed into the skin, starting at the outer corner and working your way in. Pay special attention to dark circles and bags. Serum Précieux Votre Visage: Morning and evening. Apply by lightly massaging product onto entire face and neck. Lady Code: With spicy notes of pink berries, a sensual heart of jasmine, and bewitching almond accents, this fragrance delights women with timeless style. Can be used any moment of the day.