Palazzo Nobile

Casanova 2161

Eau de toilette
Woody Aromatic

Eternal seduction for the most elegant
Aromatic and magnetic, this androgynous fragrance oscillates between light and passion, destined to envelop confident and unwaveringly stylish personalities. Its timeless notes include mysterious juniper berries, charismatic iris, and woody vetiver. Ideal for lovers of subtlety, this eau de toilette has the highest olfactory intensity of the Palazzo Nobile collection.

Casanova 2161

Eternal seduction for the most elegant

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Scent notes

Palazzo Nobile - Casanova 2161
Juniper Berries

The lively accents reveal subtly spicy aromatic notes.


The blue gold imbues the fragrance with delicate accents of powdery violet.


The precious root imbues a resolutely powerful air that sways from smoky and earthy to woody and spicy.


The legend of Casanova has reinvented itself into an eau de toilette for men and women imbued with astounding charm. The olfactory language of this fearless fragrance combines the spicy notes of juniper berries, the powdery signature of iris, and a woody smoked vetiver. Its wake reveals timeless elegance and charisma.


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