The master of anti-age treatments since 1985, Valmont perpetuates the unique expertise of Swiss cellular cosmetics with incomparably efficient care treatments giving immediate, long-lasting results. Valmont care treatments find their source in Switzerland's pure and protected environment. Their exceptional quality is the fruit of a subtle alliance of alpine ingredients and advanced scientific expertise.
Valmont - Deto2x pack
Deto2x pack
The anti-urban-pollution powerhouse

An immediate shot of oxygen that visibly clarifies

CHF 165.00
10ml x 6pcs
Valmont - Aqua Falls
Aqua Falls
Instant makeup removing water
Removes makeup from all skin types
As low as CHF 69.00
Valmont - V-Line Lifting Cream
V-Line Lifting Cream
Smoothing wrinkle correction cream

Fills and smooths wrinkles from the inside

CHF 335.00
50 ml
Valmont - DetO2x Cream
DetO2x Cream
Detoxifying oxygenating cream
A breath of fresh air for the skin
CHF 260.00
45 ml