The skin’s bifidus bacteria

Essential. Daily. Necessary. Primary perfects the beauty of tomorrow by preserving the skin today. Bifidus bacteria balances the skin in the same way that it regulates the digestive system. Five products make up a visibly effective routine that strengthens from the inside out. Get rid of imperfections to make room for radiance!
Valmont - Primary Pomade
Primary Pomade
Nourishing polish
265.00 CHF
50 ml
Valmont - Primary Cream
Primary Cream
Must-have balancing cream for all skin types
195.00 CHF
50 ml
Valmont - Primary Serum
Primary Serum
Ultra concentrated in RNA Liposome
200.00 CHF
30 ml
Valmont - Primary Solution
Primary Solution
Minimizes imperfections
178.00 CHF
20 ml
Valmont - Primary Veil
Primary Veil
A prebiotics and probiotics boost
115.00 CHF
150 ml