The world of Valmont

Beauty experience at its peak, from highly effective
Swiss cellular cosmetics to
exclusive Haute Parfumerie.



For nearly four decades, we've devoted our expertise to elevating a discerning clientele to the pinnacle of beauty. In a perfectly balanced blend of scientific expertise, nature, and art de vivre, we craft products and in-cabin treatments that marry effectiveness and sensoriality for the care and pleasure of the skin.

Merging cosmetic mastery with cutting-edge ingredients, our treatments visibly reprogram the skin. Infused with the essence of Alpine resources and our iconic DNA-RNA duo, they counter the five major factors of aging. Constantly refined for sensory delight, our alchemical creations provide unparalleled results, restoring balance and revealing natural beauty.

Nourished, denser and smoothed, the skin radiates a healthy, youthful glow. This is Valmont skin, our Maison's emblematic secret and promise to every client.

Our vision

We believe that beauty is a science of excellence, a rigorously balanced combination of cosmetic savoir-faire and the latest medical advances to bolster the skin’s regeneration processes.

Our mission

Create an unparalleled skin-revitalizing journey that transports to the soaring peaks of the beauty experience.

Our values

The values we cherish and cultivate:

We apply the strictest standards to achieve excellence in every aspect of our brand, from product development and professional treatment protocols to customer service.

A true family enterprise, respect and teamwork define our relationships with employees and partners, both in-house and external.

Tasteful, discreet luxury where the tailored experience always takes precedence to create unique, authentic and durable bonds.

Visible and long-lasting beauty is our raison d’être. All Valmont products and professional treatments must meet the highest standards of performance to be included in our skincare offer.

Our founder’s passion for Art and Beauty nurtures and liberates, allowing us to distance ourselves from societal standards and dare to explore less traveled paths.

The Valmont Clinic, our medical legacy


Our story begins in 1905, when Dr. Henry-Auguste Widmer founded the Valmont Clinic in the heart of the Swiss Riviera. With a focus on promoting health and well-being, celebrated for its groundbreaking hydrotherapy treatments, the clinic was a coveted destination for many high society grandees such as Rainer Maria Rilke, Georges Simenon, Ingrid Bergman and Coco Chanel.

In the early 1980s, the establishment evolved into the first Swiss clinic specializing in cosmetic surgery and in 1985 became a recognized leader in genetics and cellular cosmetics with the breakthrough patented discovery by prominent cosmetologist Dr. Nadja Avalle. The time had come to create the ultimate cosmetic brand, Valmont. An exclusive skincare line, incorporating active molecules like native collagen and DNA to fight the external signs of aging. Thus, Valmont products emerged, elegantly packaged in opaline jars with green accents, reminiscent of the surgical scrubs of yesteryear.

The science behind our skincare


Innovation is central to Valmont’s ongoing research into skin aging and our medical heritage, passed down from the Valmont Clinic, is the cornerstone of our scientific signature: cellular cosmetics. Delving into the nucleus of the cells, our R&D teams extracted two molecules with exceptional qualities: DNA and RNA. These biomimetic active molecules guarantee outstanding dermal affinity for incomparable effectiveness. A dynamic duo to strengthen and stimulate skin cells to help reveal sublime, youthfully radiant skin.

Valmont's signature anti-aging duo


The molecule responsible for protein synthesis in the skin, DNA offers spectacular hydration benefits, creates an antioxidant barrier, promotes cell regeneration and builds a natural UV filter.

Extracted from wild salmon milt using a patented process that preserves its molecular structure, Valmont DNA has been constantly evolving for nearly 40 years to best serve the skin's various needs.


Another distinctive Valmont ingredient, RNA acts as a powerful cell bioactivator and contributes to protein synthesis, working together with DNA and intensifying its benefits tenfold.

Biomimetic expertise

By mimicking the skin's natural processes, Valmont formulas facilitate the targeted action of active ingredients at the cellular level. Thanks to optimal biocompatibility, the skin fully absorbs and assimilates the benefits of the molecules contained within.

The science behind our skincare

Cellular cosmetics at the heart of healthy skin

Our cellular cosmetics expertise dates back to the 1980s, when a team of Swiss biologists and cosmetologists went to work searching for the ultimate weapon to fight the external signs of aging. Building on the concept of cellulotherapy, Valmont researchers delved into the nucleus of the skin's cells to extract two molecules with exceptional qualities: DNA and RNA. This dynamic duo strengthens and stimulates cells suffering from the effects of time or outside aggressions, revealing sublime and youthfully radiant skin. 


Today, we carry forward that spirit of scientific innovation, with unique ingredients and patented technologies that augment the natural dynamism of the skin. From our Triple DNA formula to rare male-sturgeon DNA and our proprietary Essence of Bees Complex, we're constantly testing the boundaries of science, using elements from the purest corners of nature.

Valmont harvests macro-molecules intact, thus preserving their incomparable regenerative power.

Swiss nature, our inspiration

From alpine garden to beehive for the beauty of your skin

Valmont draws its inspiration from the very heart of Swiss nature that abounds in some of the world’s most magnificent natural resources. In full respect of this perfectly preserved environment, we make a careful selection of Switzerland’s finest natural ingredients, each one chosen for its specific beauty enhancing potential:

Mineral-rich glacier spring water to help revitalize skin cells

The Arolla Glacier rises to an altitude of over 2,000 meters (6,600 feet) in the heart of the Swiss Alps. A stream of pure, sweet and perfectly balanced water flows down from the snow-fed glacier. With its supremely rich mineral content, this water provides ideal physiological equilibrium for the skin. The exceptional virtues of this water enrich Valmont’s products, offering every client’s skin the energy of primeval glaciers.

Plants cultivated in our Phyto-Alpine garden to guarantee top quality extracts

In the village of Sembrancher, located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Valmont has developed a unique open-air space: the Phyto-Alpine garden. In this pristine environment, plants recognized for their skin benefit potential, such as Rosa Moschata, Echinacea and Buckthorn, are grown organically, ensuring premium quality extracts for Valmont products.

Honey, propolis and royal jelly

For several years, Valmont has been working to protect bees, alongside beekeepers with a passion for their profession and their role as guardians of precious, practical savoir-faire. The Group has established partnerships with BeeLife in Europe, Pollinator Partnership in North America, Beekeepers Foundation in the Middle East and Stéphanie Vuadens, founder of Fondation Arche des Abeilles in Switzerland. By sponsoring beehives, Valmont contributes to the preservation of our pollinating friends, sentries of the environment and providers of honey, propolis and royal jelly. These unique ingredients, Stéphanie Vuadens’s honey in particular, are used to formulate our premium skincare line by l’Elixir des Glaciers – Essence of Bees.

We then harness our scientific cellular cosmetic expertise to heighten their beneficial properties for exceptional skincare products that offer immediate, visible and lasting results. 

Professional spa treatments by Valmont


Living testimonials to four decades of skin cell and tissue research and development, our professional treatments exemplify our aesthetic expertise and medical tradition passed down from the Valmont Clinic through the generations.  


A unique fusion of exceptional skincare savoir-faire, massage protocols structured around our signature butterfly movement and prestigious venues the world over, walking into a Valmont spa is to embark on a journey of artistic discovery and beauty enhancement.


Each treatment, a precious skincare ritual, is designed as an immersive sensorial experience, tailored for personal wellness, designed to meet the highest expectations in exclusive service and skin therapy excellence.


Valmont skincare also plays a crucial role in pre and post aesthetic medical procedures. Our partner Medispas, professional facilites offering cutting-edge beauty enhancement techniques, place their trust in our products for their renowned efficacy and incredibly comfortable textures, to help:


·    Prepare and protect the skin before interventions

·    Help reduce skin recovery time following an aesthetic procedure

·    Optimize and prolong results

·    Minimize uncomfortable side effects


Our brands

3 brands commited to beauty


The cornerstone and founding brand of our skincare legacy, Valmont transforms skin into a dazzling exhibit of beauty at any age and in any environment. Rooted in Swiss excellence, Valmont formulations combine pristine natural resources and scientific innovation to address the five major skincare concerns and ensure lasting beauty. Nourished, densed and smoothed, Valmont skin radiates a healthy, youthful glow.


The true expression of premium skincare savoir-faire, created as the “Romanée-Conti” of cosmetics in 2001, l’Elixir des Glaciers is the embodiment of “everyday luxury”. Exceptional formulas in three prestigious collections crafted with nature’s rarest ingredients and Valmont’s signature DNA to deliver a unique sensory experience and heighten skin beauty with ultimate refined beauty.“test”


Valmont’s love of perfume comes to life with Storie Veneziane by Valmont. Three unique collections, edited by Sophie Vann Guillon, celebrate the flamboyant city of Venice where talent and artistic expression reign supreme.


Storie Veneziane:  Olfactory stories from Venetian neighborhoods in perfume extracts.


Collezione Privata: Captivating tributes to femininity in eaux de parfum.


Palazzo Nobile: Myriads of emotion in crystalline eaux de toilette.

Fondation Valmont

When art meets beauty

Stemming from the desire to establish the Group's long term artistic commitment, Fondation Valmont perpetuates its parent company's mission to promote art, beauty and all that stands apart.


In 2015 comes the consecration. Venice, where art abounds as water flows, the indisputable location of choice. The Serenissima becomes the canvas of the international institution’s foundation, Palazzo Bonvicini its chef d’oeuvre. A new pillar with the ambition to add a building block to the edifice, to share passions, to reveal vocations.

Crepuscolo. L’attesa, Silvano Rubino, within the exhibition Venetian Love, Palazzo Bonvicini, 2020

Didier Guillon, Chairman and Art Director, Valmont Group

Social and Environmental Responsibility at Valmont

At Valmont, our commitment to social and environmental responsibility is deeply ingrained in our DNA. We recognize that preserving the beauty of the world is essential for the sustainability of our business and our planet and strive to take eco-friendly actions for positive impact today and pave the way for a better tomorrow.


Guided by the values of excellence and transparency, we aspire to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 through three main pillars:



Prioritize responsible sourcing, transparency in formulas, and eco-designed and recyclable packaging.

Make a Positive Impact on Society

Engage with employees, clients, and artists to champion sustainable development projects and support social causes.

Become a Model Company

Address important topics such as inclusion, work-life balance and climate strategy (i.e. reduce our carbon footprint, support biodiversity).

The Founders


At the heart of Valmont lies a rich tapestry of family heritage and entrepreneurial spirit, woven together by two dynamic leaders, Sophie Vann Guillon and Didier Guillon. For over two decades, they have guided the company with a shared vision of innovation and excellence, dedication and visionary leadership, shaping its destiny as an esteemed actor in the beauty industry. As stewards of a legacy built on a love for cosmetics and a passion for art, Sophie and Didier embody the Valmont ethos, blending tradition with forward-thinking creativity.

Sophie Vann Guillon - CEO of Valmont

In 2000, Sophie joined Valmont, “inheriting” the brand and a legacy of innovation and passion that traces back to the pioneering work of Dr. Nadia Alvalle in cellular cosmetics. From her earliest days, Sophie's intuitive nature drew her into the world of cosmetics, where she found her calling in the pursuit of perfection and synergy. Her expertise in product development and marketing has propelled Valmont to new heights, with groundbreaking innovations in skincare and fragrance. With a profound understanding of skin biology and a penchant for bold choices, Sophie infuses Valmont with audacity and a commitment to excellence. Her client-centric approach drives her to create more than just products; she crafts transformative journeys to beauty's summit. Guided by her unwavering intuition, Sophie shapes Valmont into a brand that resonates deeply and stands out boldly in the ever-evolving landscape of beauty. 


“As a child, I would lock myself in the bathroom and take apart all my Aunt’s beauty products. I was fascinated by their composition and how they worked.”


A visionary connoisseur of beauty, born into a family with a rich heritage in cosmetics, Didier's passion for art of all forms was cultivated from a young age. His artistic sensibility and aesthetic vision infuse every aspect of Valmont, from art collections to ultra-limited edition package design. Didier's leadership has seen the expansion of Valmont into a global brand, with a dedication to excellence and a reverence for the intersection of art and beauty. As the driving force behind Fondation Valmont, Didier continues to champion emerging artists and preserve cultural heritage, inspiring the brand’s maxim - “When art meets beauty.

“Art is the idea we have of beauty speaking to the senses and emotions.”