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Fluide Merveilleux

A remineralizing and illuminating pre-serum
The ultimate regenerative essence, this jellified water lights up skin from within. Thanks to cellular stimulation of the skin, boosted by the miraculous properties of highly sought-after sturgeon DNA and marine minerals, light is diffused and skin is illuminated.
100 ml
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  Sturgeon DNA based products are not eligible for return.
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Fluide Merveilleux

A true cosmetic innovation

The first essence from l'Elixir des Glaciers, this precious liquid instantly seeps into all layers of the skin, releasing its regenerating action. Infused with three marine minerals and the remineralizing properties of sturgeon DNA to create radiance, this marvellous liquid revives skin and boosts anti-aging. The ultra-fine formula is rapidly absorbed into the skin, illuminating skin from the inside out.

Illuminates skin from the inside out

01. Visibly refines the skin texture
02. Boosts radiance

What you put on your skin matters


Marvelous mineral complex

Easily digested by the skin, for nourishment.


Sturgeon DNA

Three powerful anti-aging benefits to restore elasticity, reinforce the skin’s density, continuously dispense benefits.


This product is ideal for

All skin types, particularly those lacking radiance.

All skin types



Essential gestures for perfect skin

Apply to clean skin by tapping and lightly smoothing all over the face and neck.

Application image