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Primary Cream

Essential soothing cream
The go-to comforting cream that calms and soothes irritation.
50 ml
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V-Skin Diagnosis

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Primary Cream

Expert balancing cream

From the first application, this essential comforting cream quickly soothes the sensation of irritation. The feelings of discomfort and redness that fragile skin can suffer from - including dryness, irritation or razor burn - disappear in an instant.

The calm after the storm

01. Relieves burning, tightness and tingling, and reduces redness
02. Soothes and comforts reactive and sensitive skin
03. Strengthens skin for long-term beauty

What you put on your skin matters



Soothing and calming anti-irritant.



Relieves overheating sensations.


LP complex

Promotes the balance of the skin’s flora for optimal barrier protection.

This product is ideal for

All skin types, particularly skin suffering from tingling sensations, tightness or irritations. Ideal for gentlemen as an after shaving skin care.

All skin types



Essential gestures for perfect skin

Morning and/or night, apply the product to face and neck, following serum. Massage gently to help it absorb. Due to UHT process, this product requires minimum 20 pumps for first use. Afterwards, gently press the pump to receive the right amount of cream.

Application image

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