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Valmont and l'Elixir des Glaciers cellular cosmetics

Discover all skincare from our Valmont and l'Elixir des Glaciers collections. From glacial water and Swiss plant extracts to honey, propolis and royal jelly, and Gold Sturgeon DNA, we harness ingredients of exceptional quality to slow aging and reveal your skin's natural beauty. 

Fluide Merveilleux
A remineralizing and illuminating pre-serum
CHF 368
UV protection and radiance cream SPF 50
CHF 175
Crème Merveilleuse
Ultimate regenerating cream
CHF 1,050
BESTSELLERS V-Line Lifting Eye Cream
Lifting eye cream
As low as CHF 230
BESTSELLERS Prime Renewing Pack
Instant radiance-replenishing mask
As low as CHF 270

Mini Luxuries 

Swiss skincare sized for trial

DetO2x Cream
Depolluting regenerating face cream
As low as CHF 268
Deto2x Eye
Vitality eye cream
As low as CHF 195
Prime 24 Hour
Energizing and moisturizing cream
As low as CHF 230
Prime Contour
Eye and lip contour corrective treatment
As low as CHF 160
Prime B-Cellular
Energizing cellular anti-aging serum
As low as CHF 235
Primary Veil
Protective prepping mist
As low as CHF 122
Hydra3 Regenetic Serum
Anti-aging hydration-activating serum
As low as CHF 260
Moisturizing Booster
Plumping hydrating serum
As low as CHF 165
Moisturizing Serumulsion
Moisture-binding emulsion
As low as CHF 166
Regenerating Mask Treatment
Regenerative collagen mask
CHF 590

Out of stock

Hand 24 Hour
Anti-aging hand cream
As low as CHF 95
Moisturizing With A Mask
Instant thirst-quenching mask
As low as CHF 190
BESTSELLERS Moisturizing With A Cream
24h hydration cream
As low as CHF 187
Valmont V-Firm Serum targeting tone and elasticity to plump and firm the facial contours.
Firmness & contour corrector serum
CHF 328
V-Firm Eye
Firming eye contour care
CHF 255
V-Firm Cream concentrates its efforts on densifying the skin’s barrier to improve firmness and elasticity for a face contour redefined.
Densifying face cream
CHF 410
Resurfacing mask
CHF 180
Glow-enhancing cream
CHF 215
Glow-activating serum
CHF 215

Out of stock

Glow enhancement peeling lotion
CHF 130
Moisturizing eye emulsion
CHF 139

Out of stock

Depolluting regenerating Bubble Mask
CHF 175
Crème De Masque Majestueuse
Nourishing face care
CHF 490
V-Neck Cream
Neck and décolletage lifting cream
CHF 286

Out of stock

Primary Pomade
Rich repairing balm
CHF 284
Primary Cream
Essential soothing cream
CHF 205
Primary Serum
Essential repairing serum
CHF 210
Primary Solution
Targeted blemish treatment serum
CHF 187
Time Master Intensive Program
Intensive anti-aging treatment
CHF 1,310
Eye Regenerating Mask
Collagen eye mask
CHF 320
Wonder Falls
Comforting makeup removing cream
CHF 75
Icy Falls
Refreshing makeup removing jelly
CHF 75

Out of stock

Face Exfoliant
Exfoliating and revitalizing cream
CHF 92
Fluid Falls
Creamy makeup remover
CHF 92
Aqua Falls
Instant makeup removing water
CHF 92
Bi-phase eye makeup remover
CHF 70
Balancing cleansing foam
CHF 70
BESTSELLERS Hydra3 Regenetic Serum
Anti-aging hydration-activating serum
CHF 260
V-Line Lifting Cream
Smoothing wrinkle correction cream
CHF 352
V-Line Lifting Concentrate
Anti-wrinkle and fine line serum
CHF 279
Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask
Smoothing under eye patch
CHF 155
BESTSELLERS Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask Single
Smoothing under eye patch
CHF 43
Regenerating Mask Treatment Single
Regenerative collagen mask
CHF 135
Votre Visage
Ultimate lifting cream
CHF 710
The complete eye cream
CHF 347
Sérum Précieux Votre Visage
A highly concentrated luxury serum
CHF 597
Sérum Majestueux Vos Yeux
Lifting eye serum
CHF 445
Restoring Perfection SPF 50
High protection anti-aging cream
CHF 224
Recovering Mask
Restructuring hair mask
CHF 160
Purifying Pack
Purifying clay mask
CHF 175
Priming with a hydrating fluid
Instant hydrating primer
CHF 158
Prime Regenera II
Intense nutrition and repairing cream
CHF 275

Out of stock

Prime Regenera I
Oxygenating and energizing cream
CHF 258
Prime Lip Repair
Repairing lip care
CHF 150
BESTSELLERS Hydra3 Regenetic Cream
Total hydration anti-aging cream
CHF 300
Hair & Scalp Cellular Treatment
Intensive anti-hair loss cure
CHF 690
Huile Majestueuse
Nourishing face oil
CHF 480
Teint Précieux
Smoothing foundation
As low as CHF 220
Poudre de Teint Précieuse
A light-reflecting powder foundation
As low as CHF 175
Body 24 Hour
Anti-aging moisturizing body cream
As low as CHF 135
Vital Falls
Vitalizing and softening toner
CHF 92
Regenerating Cleanser
Revitalizing anti-aging shampoo
CHF 95