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Extra care for your eyes, lips and neck

Make the delicate areas of skin around the eyes, lips and neck a priority by adding cellular cosmetics of the highest quality to your skincare routine. From nourishing lip treatment, to moisturizing, lifting and firming eye contour treatments or makeup removers and neck firming treatments, take the time to please the most fragile areas of your skin. 

BESTSELLERS V-Line Lifting Eye Cream
Lifting eye cream
As low as CHF 230
Deto2x Eye
Vitality eye cream
As low as CHF 195
Prime Contour
Eye and lip contour corrective treatment
As low as CHF 160
V-Firm Eye
Firming eye contour care
CHF 255
Moisturizing eye emulsion
CHF 139

Out of stock

Mini Luxuries 

Swiss skincare sized for trial

V-Neck Cream
Neck and décolletage lifting cream
CHF 286

Out of stock

Eye Regenerating Mask
Collagen eye mask
CHF 320
Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask
Smoothing under eye patch
CHF 155
BESTSELLERS Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask Single
Smoothing under eye patch
CHF 43
The complete eye cream
CHF 347
Prime Lip Repair
Repairing lip care
CHF 150