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Anti-aging hair and body care

With time passing, hair and body changes. Pamper yourself with our anti-aging hair care and body treatments. Our hair care treaments cleanse, purify, reduce hairloss and restore volume to your hair. Our anti-aging body treatments nourish and repair for a fully immersive head-to-toe sensory experience. 

Hand 24 Hour
Anti-aging hand cream
As low as CHF 95
Recovering Mask
Restructuring hair mask
CHF 160
Priming with a hydrating fluid
Instant hydrating primer
CHF 158
Hair & Scalp Cellular Treatment
Intensive anti-hair loss cure
CHF 690
Body 24 Hour
Anti-aging moisturizing body cream
As low as CHF 135

Mini Luxuries 

Swiss skincare sized for trial

Regenerating Cleanser
Revitalizing anti-aging shampoo
CHF 95