A Magic Chrismas By Valmont

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A Magic Chrismas By Valmont
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1 x Bi-Falls vial 15ml:
Instantly and perfectly removes heavy or waterproof makeup while balancing the skin’s microbiome.

1 x Aqua Falls 30ml:
In an instant, this water perfectly cleanses, and soothes the skin wearing light makeup.

1 x Moisturizing Booster vial 4ml:
Super plumping moisturizing gel/serum.

1 x Moisturizing Serumulsion 5ml:
The potency of a serum, the light weight of an emulsion with the comfort of a cream to reduces all signs of dry skin.

1 x Prime 24 Hour 15ml:
A silky cream that replenishes the skin's moisture barrier.

1 x Moisturizing with a Cream 5ml:
A rich cream that immediately corrects all problems caused by severe dryness of the skin.

1 x Hydra3 Serum 5ml:
Acts as a «moisture coach» to teach the skin the good mechanisms of hydration.

1 x Prime B Cellular 5ml:
This regenerating serum boosts cell renewal acts comprehensively on all signs of aging.

1 x Eye Instant Relieving Mask:
Smoothes the wrinkles and plumps the skin under the eye.

1 x Serum Majestueux Vos Yeux 3ml:
This eye lifting serum offers a wow-worthy lifting effect, dramatically lessening the appearance of wrinkles and droopy eye lids.

1 x Vos Yeux 5ml:
Fine and velvety, yet ultra concentrated, it provides the eyes with a 360° moisturizing action.

1 x Prime Renewing Pack 30ml:
Valmont's star treatment, an anti-stress energizing mask for a glowing complexion showing immediate results.

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