In its insatiable quest for innovation, the Swiss anti-aging expert has created AWF5, a dual-line solution to fight the most visible signs of aging with absolute precision.


These three letters stand for Magicien du Temps’s new Anti-wrinkle and Firmness concept :
a product range offering effectiveness to the 5th power thanks to an exclusive complex of 5 ingredients targeting 5 key factors in the dermis.

Youth may be reflected on the epidermis
but it springs from the dermis itself.

2 complementary collections

2 targeted actions

The V-LINE LIFTING collection

Created from the AWF5 Complex and other ingredients chosen for their lifting power, the V-LINE LIFTING collection is a veritable anti-wrinkle antidote.

  • Smooths the features
  • Re-plumps wrinkled skin
  • Enhances the skin’s texture

The V-SHAPE FILLING collection

V-SHAPE FILLING produces a spectacular re-densifying effect by combining the AWF5 Complex and ingredients known for their firming performance.

  • Restores density to the skin
  • Fills in lost volumes
  • Tones and increases elasticity