A magnificent body with toned, firm, velvety skin. From the most complete exfoliation to a slimming and firming duo, and from the multi-talented Body 24 Hour treatment to cream that will give you velvety hands, this range of body treatments will take your beauty to new heights. Valmont channels all its cellular cosmetics expertise into Body Time Control, offering a high-performance anti-aging program that targets all signs of aging on the body.
Valmont - D. Solution Booster
D. Solution Booster
Contouring and reshaping body serum
224.00 €
100 ml
Valmont - Cellular Refining Scrub
Cellular Refining Scrub
Nourishing body exfoliating cream
136.00 €
200 ml
Valmont - C. Curve Shaper
C. Curve Shaper
Firming body balm
293.00 €
200 ml