Palazzo Nobile

Bright Poppy

Eau de toilette
Floral Citrus

A spontaneous burst of laughter for optimists
An eau de toilette overflowing with tonic happiness, offering a bouquet of sparkling and tart bergamot, luminous jasmine, and deep, bold cedar wood. Bright Poppy delights men and women with unwavering and lively, scintillating optimism. The joy of everyday life is infused in a harmony of iconic scents.

Bright Poppy

A spontaneous burst of laughter for optimists

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Scent notes

Palazzo Nobile - Bright Poppy

The tangy sparkle of the citrus fruit zest.

Sambac Jasmine

These fragile looking flowers breathe carnal and vibrant notes of sensuality.

Cedar Wood

The depth of a heady, distinguished structure.


A spontaneous eau de toilette, evocative of the surprise of a burst of laughter, impromptu and enchanting. The tangy bergamot takes on the timeless freshness of jasmine, balance by dry and woody cedar notes.

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