A pillar of the brand's identity, art suffuses La Maison Valmont with inspirational expressions of beauty, signed by international contemporary artists carefully selected by Didier Guillon. These are locally sourced works of art, or those demonstrating the talent of an artist from abroad, supported by the Valmont Group at an international level.

An artistic dialog is underway throughout the network of boutiques across several continents inspired by the collection of feminine portraits by the German painter El Bocho. A prolific artist of multiple talents, El Bocho works on installations and giant-sized pieces. He is illustrious for his street art … and now represents the artistic values of La Maison Valmont with his works specially created for each boutique.

Art, as a pillar, is a commitment on a daily basis for the Valmont teams. This means developing unique creations every year, to honor a given product or to represent an exclusive partnership. This is what inspires our superb Limited Editions for noble products such as Elixir des Glaciers Votre Visage magnified in its crystal cocoon, and crowned by an authentic Lalique cabochon top, or arty hand-made decorations …all available at La Maison Valmont.