Storie Veneziane

Gaggia Medio I – Travel Size

Extrait de parfum

The peak of sensuality for the carnally-inclined
Created in homage to unbridled and androgynous sensuality, this extrait de parfum reveals amber’s ample, carnal radiance. As the base of the scent, amber welcomes the spicy essence of cardamom and the milky sweetness of sandalwood. Bold and assertive, the wake of this fragrance envelops racy mindsets and stirs desire.

Gaggia Medio I – Travel Size

The peak of sensuality for the carnally-inclined

8,5 ml
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Gaggia Medio I pays tribute to Dorsoduro, the most elusive maze in Venice. From its narrow stone streets there emerges a stifling humidity in the summer season, with a scent that is both subtle and bewitching. In this opulent scene, Gaggio Medio I paints a portrait of a man or woman that is unconquerable, feline, and flamboyant. Edgy and sweet, this carnal extrait de parfum combines cold spices with solar accords.


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