Hydra3 Regenetic retail set

Valmont exclusive set

The hydrating beauty routine by Valmont

Skincare for intense hydration and a revitalized skin.

Hydra3 Regenetic retail set

The hydrating beauty routine by Valmont

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Its benefits

Hydra3 Regenetic is a 3 dimensions hydration anti-aging cream replenishing skin with lasting hydration.

Hydra3 Regenetic Serum is an hydration activating serum that smoothes , hydrates and restores youth.

Moisturizing with a mask is a skin mask considered as an instant hydration bath for the skin.

Hydra3 Eye, lthe universal contour care acting as an immediate splash that hydrates and fills skin drip by drip.


1 x Hydra3 Regenetic 50 ml
1 x Hydra3 Regenetic Serum 15 ml
1 x Moisturizing with a mask 15 ml
1 x Hydra3 Eye 5 ml