Glow-activating serum

An ultra-fine serum that reduces pore visibility and stimulates natural glow mechanisms for enhanced radiance.
30 ml
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The expert pore refiner

A pleasure to the touch, easy to apply, this delicate watery serum is steeped in light-centered expertise. With its brilliant combination of active ingredients, LumiSence leaves your complexion silky-smooth and glowing with reflected light.

A natural glow

01. Targets pores with precision to reduce their visibility
02. Stimulates skin cell activity in depth
03. Enhances the natural glow

What you put on your skin matters


Pore Refiner Concentrate

Reduces and refines the pores.


Swiss Phyto-Complex

A cocktail of 7 plants organically grown at high altitudes in the Swiss alps to favorize the development of powerful active ingredients.


White Mulberry Root

Removes yellow dullness to bring back the glow.

This product is ideal for

All skin types, particularly if skin has an irregular texture or enlarged pores.

All skin types



Essential gestures for perfect skin

Morning and/or evening, apply a few pumps to the face and neck. Massage lightly until fully absorbed then continue with your favorite moisturizing cream.

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