Storie Veneziane

Rosso I

Extrait de parfum
Floral Oriental

The incandescence of the senses for enthusiasts
Splendor and opulence collide in an extrait de parfum made for men and women with strong, distinguished, often enigmatic personalities. This perfume merges extraordinary, cutting aromas, in striking contrasts: the freshness of pink berries, the depth of a thorned rose, and a carnal and robust oud wood.

Rosso I

The incandescence of the senses for enthusiasts

50 ml
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The arches of the majestic San Francesco Della Vigna palace are home to the forbidden encounter between the sensual and the sacred. Rosso I resonates with palpable tension built around spicy notes of pink berries, a vigorous heart of Damask rose, and an animal accord of oud wood. The lines of the walls, the curling of the stairs, the curves of stones. Sometimes sharp and sometimes blurred, they welcome the distinguished elegance of women, as if inhabited by mystical sensuality.

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