Acclaimed as the iconic rendez-vous for bridal fashion, Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week partners with the Valmont Group to elevate the bridal experience to unprecedented luxury and well-being. As cohosts of the event from April 23 to 29 in Barcelona, the Valmont Group and Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week will celebrate beauty, art and creativity.

As of April 23rd 2019, all international evening fashion and bridal buyers, designers, press and aficionados will discover the rebranded Fashion Week – featuring added focus on beauty and well-being… thanks to the talents of the Valmont Group.

A genuine fashion annual milestone, the Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week blows away all minds with 21’000 visitors from 90 countries and over 28’000 dresses presented during ravishing red carpet events… hence attracting over 1’000 key buyers from emblematic upscale retailers, fashion press and influencers. Covered by high-end magazines around the world, the event was also displayed on the gigantic billboard on Times Square in 2018! Simply charismatic.

Enhanced across three enchanting spaces, the four brands of the Swiss company will display their respective expertise to helps models, brides, grooms and business travelers best prepare and enjoy the most fabulous day of their life.

Valmont, Swiss antiaging skincare expert, will provide relaxing interludes to models with dedicated massages, and erase fatigue signs with their spectacular Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask. Featured in an arty backstage space as well as an open house in the event’s village, the brand will welcome all visitors and guests for a personalized tour.

L'Elixir des Glaciers, the ultimate luxurious skincare, will feature its iconic know-how, while the group’s fragrances will also celebrate beauty and fashion… with the fine Italian Il Profvmo scents, and the olfactive jewels crafted by Storie Veneziane.