Wishes of Beauty – Deto2x Dream Set

Set of revitalizing and fatigue-erasing treatments
Skin naturally loses cellular energy over time, displaying signs of fatigue such as dull complexions, sagging skin, roughness, discoloration and dark circles. With an oxygenating blast of fresh air, the powerful and innovative treatments in our Wishes of Beauty – Deto2x Dream Set will breathe new life into your skin. It detoxifies and purifies your complexion, erasing signs of stress and fatigue, while providing a unique sensory experience. Provided in a Wishes of Beauty Pouch, the set includes our energizing and revitalizing DetO2x Cream (45ml) and oxygenating bubble mask Deto2x Pack (6x10ml), our bestselling Prime Renewing Pack fatigue-eraser mask (15ml) and Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask (single): a smoothing eye patch.
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This set is composed of:

DetO2x Cream
Detoxifying oxygenating cream
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BESTSELLERS Prime Renewing Pack
Instant radiance-replenishing mask

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Oxygenating bubble mask
Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask
Smoothing under eye patch

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