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Jazzy Twist

Eau de parfum
Floral Gourmand

Brazen freedom for bubbly women
Impetuous and irresistibly elated, it’s an ode to ease for spirited, playful women. This decisively feminine eau de parfum delights with black pepper that gives way to a magnolia heart. The chocolate chips in the base of the perfume describe the delicacy of this woman as she flirts with life. She is the essence of daring.

Jazzy Twist

Brazen freedom for bubbly women

100 ml
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An eau de parfum that pictures a sassy woman who embraces all facets of life, both spicy and crisp, dressed in opulent satin or airy tulle. Jazzy Twist celebrates the lightness of a free spirit. Juxtaposing ingredients like the spiciness of black pepper, the majesty of magnolia and delicacy of chocolate chips, this fragrance creates an enticing trail as the ultimate accessory of seduction.


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