Youthful cleansing care

The daily moment of relaxation! Valmont cleansers enchant with innovative textures that remove makeup and impurities, from fresh gels to sensual creams and airy foams. There’s a total of nine different transforming textures that turn your everyday beauty routine into a sensory experience. The best of the best? New formulas infused with pre- and probiotics that nourish and maintain the skin’s flora for a glowing and healthy complexion.
Valmont - Vital Falls
Vital Falls
Vitalizing and softening toner
Removes all impurities and rebalances
As low as $100.00
Valmont - Icy Falls
Icy Falls
Refreshing cleansing gel
Eliminates light to moderate makeup
As low as $136.00
Valmont - Face Exfoliant
Face Exfoliant
Exfoliating and revitalising cream
Exfoliates dead cells and refines skin texture
50 ml
Valmont - Fluid Falls
Fluid Falls
Liquid cream makeup remover
Eliminates full coverage makeup. Best for dry skin.
150 ml
Valmont - Aqua Falls
Aqua Falls
Instant makeup removing water
Removes makeup from all skin types
150 ml
Valmont - Bubble Falls
Bubble Falls
Balancing cleansing foam
Gently cleanses and purifies skin
Special Price $63.75 Regular Price $75.00
150 ml
Valmont - Purifying Pack
Purifying Pack
Purifying clay mask
Erases impurities, purifies and mattifies complexion
50 ml