Refined beauty that’s beaming with light! Clarifying and illuminating, the Expert of Light line revives blotchy skin and unifies radiant complexions. Clarifying Pack restores a lighter complexion in just 10 minutes, while the serum and cream work together to rid skin of the tired dull veil that builds up day after day. Skin is illuminated from the inside out giving an unparalleled fresh glow.
Valmont - Colored Multi-masking coffret
Colored Multi-masking coffret

Exclusive limited edition offer

Valmont - Illuminating Toner
Illuminating Toner
Gradually removes dead cells and impurities
150 ml
Valmont - Illuminating Foamer
Illuminating Foamer
Cleans dull skin and revives the complexion
100 ml
Valmont - Clarifying Surge
Clarifying Surge
Reveals the radiance of an even complexion
50 ml
Valmont - Clarifying Pack
Clarifying Pack
Brightens complexion and refines skin’s texture
50 ml
Valmont - Clarifying Infusion
Clarifying Infusion
Clarifies like a gradually acting peel
30 ml