Aya's Beauty Tips for Post-Summer Skincare Challenges

August 19, 2022

Erase summer skin damage with Intensive Collection Regenerating Mask Treatment sheet mask; an interview with esthetician Aya Abramov 


Summer’s bounty makes for a happy season, but the radiant sun that delights us wreaks havoc on skin of all types and shades. La Maison Valmont presents an interview with Los Angeles-based esthetician Aya Abramov, highlighting the regenerative Intensive Collection line. Discover her expert beauty advice for rehydrating the skin and transitioning your skincare routine from summer to fall.



Q: When did you start working as an esthetician, and what made you choose that field?

A: It’s a long story, but I’m going to say that I didn’t choose the profession, the profession chose me. I obtained my license because I was trying to help out another woman with her business who immigrated and didn’t speak English.

Thirty-two years later and here we are.


Q: And now it’s your favourite thing?                                                                         

A: Yes, it’s definitely the fire that keeps me motivated. I love what my professional life has become; I feel blessed.


Q: I’ve read so much about how you personalize your facial treatments for each client. I was wondering if you could speak about your process of customizing your beauty tips for each session.

A: I think my success in action in providing facial treatments is my ability to diagnose skin problems well. When you diagnose skin correctly, and you provide that information to your client, they gain trust in you, and you can see the results in action.

Like any luxury skincare treatment, educating the client, having a lot of product knowledge, and communicating clearly help produce the result you want.

I’m not big on having a menu of treatments; I provide the client with ninety minutes of my time, and in that time we produce a luxury skincare treatment tailored to the client’s needs.


Q: It sounds like you use a mixture of scientific and holistic processes.

A: I think that’s what sets me apart from other estheticians and why I work with Maison Valmont. If you’re on autopilot, both you and the customer will know.


Q: You’ve spoken about the importance of knowing the products you offer. What attracted you to Maison Valmont?

A: I was seeing Maison Valmont’s product—in that beautiful, light-green package—in places I admired. That stoked my curiosity. I love the team I work with at Valmont; they listen to the needs of their providers.



Q: As an esthetician, you help skin glow every day. But we know that summer is particularly harsh on skin. What are your beauty tips for transitioning a skincare routine from summer to fall?

A: Living in California, there are so many transitions to manage. From dehydration to heat, to dry weather, to humidity—I see my skin and the skin of my clients always changing.

I think choosing cosmetic products that have less moisture, fewer lipids, that aren’t so heavy on the skin, but still provide hyaluronic acid, protection, and contribute to cellular renewal— we want to be encouraging exfoliation but with a light touch.

That’s what I want for this time of the year heading into fall skincare routines.


Q: Do you look for specific ingredients for managing skincare in the summer?

A: I’m not big on specific ingredients because I think it needs to be personalized to each client, except for a few—hyaluronic acid, of course, and activating treatments like the glycolic acid in Luminosity LumiPeel, to help with exfoliation or the Intensive Collection Regenerating Mask Treatment. You can accommodate this transitional period in many ways.


Q: What do you think makes the Regenerating Mask Treatment a must-have sheet mask for managing seasonal change?

A: I’m very big on the texture and the results. 

When compared to other lines, I think for collagen in a sheet mask format, you get the best of the best. The feel of it on skin, the results you see—I like that feeling!

It is luxury skincare at its most luxurious. It feels on the skin like no other cosmetic product I have encountered. You feel stimulation on the skin, you can feel it working on the cellular level and it’s very soothing and hydrating.

When the time for the mask is complete, it’s hard to let go—you don’t want to take it off!


Q: The eye area is particularly delicate—do you have any favourite products to combat fine lines, wrinkles, or dehydration affecting the area around the eye?

A: Of course, we have the Intensive Collection Eye Regenerating Mask and Eye Instant Stress-Relieving Mask, which are great. Clients reach for them when they have a special event and they need that extra boost to look red-carpet ready.

But I believe in treating the eye area daily, twice a day, and the one product I will always have with me is the V-Line Lifting Eye Cream. I believe we need to start treating the eye area in our twenties, and the V-Line Lifting Eye Cream is a perfect product for daily treatment.


Q: Which intensive product is your favourite of the ones you have tried?

A: I love all the Intensive Line products that I’ve tried. I recommend the V-Line to all my clients for home care to complement the Intensive Line products.

The Intensive Line is a product for very discerning clients, who need the best of the best, and are committed to a more in-depth skin regimen.




Rapid Fire questions:


Morning-bird, or night owl?

Definitely a morning bird.


Mountain, or beach?

Beach, for sure!


Cat, or dog?

[audible pause]. …dog.

Don’t tell my cat I said that!


Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?



Favourite food?



Last meal you ate?

Huge pretzel bread with avocado.


Facial, or massage?

You know, I will have to say massage. I’m very particular about how I want people to touch me. I haven’t found a provider that touches my face in the way I like to be touched. When you have a person touching your face and not giving you what you need, it defeats the purpose of the treatment.


Do you do your own facials?

I treat my own skin, yes.


Skincare rule you swear by?

Treat the eye area daily!


Skincare rule you break?

Sometimes I go to bed without doing my skin.


Must-have Valmont product:

V-Line Lifting Eye Cream and Intensive Collection Regenerating Mask Treatment.


Describe Valmont in three words:

Luxurious, results, and loved (by me!)


Describe yourself in three words:

Esthetician, wife, and mother.