Holiday Gift Guide with Melissa Fox

Holiday Gift Guide with Melissa Fox



Master esthetician Melissa Fox has spent the last 15 years building her brand on glowing skin... and for good reason! Her sought-after practice Flawless by Melissa Fox is a go-to spot for the Miami glitterati. Fox has also received numerous awards for her work, and her approach to skincare is a masterful blend of science and wellness. Her extensive knowledge of dermatology and product development has made Melissa Fox an incredible businesswoman. 

We caught up with Melissa to uncover her skincare secrets (it is called "Flawless by Melissa Fox" for a reason) and what skincare products make for the best gifts. Just in time for the Holidays...



When did you decide to become an esthetician?

My love for all things skincare started when I was around 15 years old. I have very acne-prone skin and that made me self-conscious. So when I got my first acne facial at 15, I instantly knew it was for me. I remember coming out of that appointment saying "No, this is what I'm going to do." I just knew.

I wanted to make people feel amazing in their own skin. To me, glowing skin is the secret to happiness. 


Can you explain your approach to treating each client's skin?

We have protocols, but I always like to assess what my client's skin needs at the moment. Sometimes it needs a bit more toning, other times it needs a boost of hydration. It really depends on what the skin is doing on the day, the time of the year, etc. We also love using the collagen mask to really plump the skin and nothing beats the glow it gives. It's amazing!


What ingredients do you look for when treating fatigued skin, especially during the holidays?

There are a few I think, that make the biggest difference. For instance, I love using these beautifully delicious acids found in products like LumiPeel to really make the skin glow. And of course, I love the patented Valmont DNA, which is such a powerful cocktail that brightens the skin. I would say those are my top ingredients found in the brand. 



What made you want to partner with Valmont?

Well, I absolutely love Valmont. Not only are the products amazing and efficient, but the people behind the brand are so passionate. They really take care of us and that truly makes all the difference. 


And what makes skincare a good Holiday gift?

Skincare is amazing. Everyone needs it. Even the most minimalist person in your life can enjoy a great product to introduce to their routine. It's also why I love Valmont as a brand. There are so many products that you can really find the exact product for the right person. So Valmont makes a wonderful gift!


Melissa Fox's Holiday Gift Guide:


For her husband:

For my hubby, I'm definitely getting the V-Firm Eye. He's so cute of course, and you can see the tiny little smile lines in the corner of his eyes. I think any Valmont eye cream would be great, but V-Firm is the one I would go for. It really targets those little fine wrinkles around the eye area. 


For her best friend

My bestie needs to shine! So she's getting the Masque Majestueux for sure. It'll keep her looking fresh and radiant. It's a "WOW" MASK" and she deserves it. 



For her mother:

For my mom, I'm going to give her the Holiday in Neverland Advent Calendar. It's the best of the best of what Valmont has to offer. It's also a great way to discover the brand. And this year's Advent Calendar is hands-down the best Valmont has ever released. We're talking about it non-stop. 


For her sister:

My sister is getting the LumiPeel. It's going to give her that fresh glow from within. It's such a gentle acid too. It's easy to incorporate into a skincare regimen. A definite must-have. 


For her daughter:

Well, I don't have a daughter, but if I did, I'd gift her the Deto2x Pack. It's a bubble mask, and I think it is such a good product for a younger crowd. It's gentle and so fun to use. Imagine if they were to have a sleepover or do an at-home spa day. It would be so fun to use the Deto2x Pack! I think it's the best.

And just as a side note, I'm blown away by how this younger generation is getting into skincare so early. It definitely wasn't like that when I was a teen. I love seeing this trend of self-care. It's wonderful.  


Rapid-Fire Q&A





Morning Bird or Night Owl?

 In the past few years, I've become a Morning Bird, but that really wasn't the case for a long time.


Beach or Mountain?



Cat or Dog?

Dog for sure


Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner?

Always breakfast. It's so important.


Facial or Massage?



Skincare Rule you swear by?

You must, must, MUST wash your face every day before bed. 





Skincare rule you break?

Oh, this is a tough one... I don't wear eye cream at night. I've just noticed how I wake up puffier. I only wear eye cream in the AM. 


Favorite Holiday?

Christmas. It's a time of reflection and family... Love it.


Must-Have Valmont product

Prime Renewing Pack for sure! It is the OG, and such an amazing product. It leaves you with an airbrushed look. It's my favorite.


Describe Valmont in 3 words

Exclusive. Luxury. Ritual. 


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