La Maison Valmont New York Presents the Luminosity Studio

April 14, 2022


To celebrate our latest launch for the Luminosity Skincare Collection, discover a dedicated “Luminosity Studio” Pop-Up at our North American flagship store La Maison Valmont at The Carlyle Hotel in New York City.   

Come join us and immerse yourself in the world of Luminosity! 


Powered by the plants and specifically targeted for the next generation of women, the new Luminosity skincare collection works on tone and texture to reveal a glowing and luminous skin while boasting 100% recyclable packaging!  This posh studio offers guests an engaging and fun immersion into the Valmont universe. 


The Luminosity Studio transforms the elegant and chic La Maison Valmont Boutique into an experiential, glow-filled tribute to the new collection’s focus on radiance and light-creation.  Upon entry, you will be enveloped in a pink and holographic world reflecting the youthful and energetic packaging of the Collection.  The journey begins in the Studio, complete with an entrancing product presentation, Luminosity-inspired game, customized projection and interactive photo booth. Throughout this glimmering showcase, Valmont’s experts will personally lead guests through their expedition, demonstrating the innovation and freshness behind the new line. Luminosity gifts are also available during the visit!   



To celebrate this exciting launch, the adjacent Spa Valmont at The Carlyle Hotel located inside on the third floor will be offering a new Luminosity facial treatment starting April 1 to coincide with the Studio.  The Luminosity of Ice facial resurfaces your complexion for a healthy, natural glow and adds full body radiance through its toxin flushing, facial reflexology-inspired massage. 



Visit the Luminosity Studio from April 4 to April 24 at La Maison Valmont NYC, located at 35 E 76th Street.  


All products are available at La Maison Valmont NYC and