The Setai Resort: Discover the Heavenly Getaway with Cassandra

July 8, 2022


What comes to mind when you think of Miami? Beautiful seaside fronts? Palm trees? Perhaps a cocktail served in a coconut? The Setai Hotel, is a luxurious oasis in Miami Beach. This 5-Star hotel “masterfully combines the warmth of Asian hospitality with the best in personalized service and truly rarified comfort.”

The Valmont Spa at the Setai is also an amazing spot to retreat and experience the most luxurious treatment. Cassandra, the Setai Spa Director sits with us to discuss this illustrious property.

Welcome to Miami! 



Q: We know how people love to come down to Miami. What attracts people to come back to the Setai over and over again? 


CASSANDRA: Location, location, location.  The Setai is oceanfront.  We are an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of South Beach.  The Setai has more of a laid-back, Zen vibe. As well as, an amazing Valmont for The Setai Spa.  Our International and domestic guests that know Valmont products are very excited that we carry the brand.  This entices them to schedule a Valmont facial. 


Q:  The Setai is often revered for its “quiet and discreet luxury.” What makes the exclusiveness of Setai so noteworthy? 


CASSANDRA: Guests can retreat to the exclusive haven for serenity while being in the heart of South Beach and experience The Setai, Miami Beach’s ultra-luxury offerings such as the signature Setai scent upon arrival, a private beach with full service directly accessed by the three temperature-controlled infinity pools, The Setai Gallery Shops featuring notable designers, a Valmont Spa with specialized treatments, the best of Miami’s dining scene - Jaya and The Ocean Grill, and The Penthouse accommodation on the 40th  floor of The Setai’s Ocean Suites tower, one of Miami Beach’s tallest buildings.



Q: In 2019, Valmont and the Setai began their partnership. What makes Valmont the perfect partner for the Setai?


CASSANDRA: The Setai, Miami Beach and Valmont’s objective and commitment to provide exceptional experiences makes our spa partnership, a perfect one. It is our goal to ensure guests at The Setai, Miami Beach are provided with an ample number of experiences that enhance their wellbeing so they are refreshed and energized throughout their stay. Valmont’s profile has and continues to enable us to take The Setai’s wellness and Valmont for The Spa at The Setai, Miami Beach to the next level. From their longstanding first-class reputation of helping people master the visible signs of aging for more than 30 years, to their research and products which draw from the unspoiled natural resources of Switzerland, myself and my team admire this level of excellence and prestige. We feel privileged to be a partner of Valmont, under Didier Guillon and Sophie Vann Guilllon’s first-class leadership.


Q: Art Deco is a huge part of the Setai architecture. How does art factor into to character of this Setai experience?


CASSANDRA: The Setai, Miami Beach’s character, is deeply influenced by its Art Deco history from when the property originally opened as the Dempsey-Vanderbilt hotel by heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey in 1937. Not only is The Setai perfectly located on one of the best blocks of Miami’s historic Art Deco District, our understated “Art Deco Fusion” design concept plays an important role in the overall serene ambience guests experience at The Setai. Aesthetically, The Setai’s façade is adorned with a distinctive series of floral bas reliefs, zig-zag decorations and chevron patterns which pay homage to its Art Deco heritage.

If one design element expresses the concept of Art Deco Fusion, it would be the grey antique bricks used in the lobby. These bricks were transported from Shanghai, China, which at one time had the largest array of Art Deco buildings in the world and are still prevalent today. Several buildings in Shanghai's old city that were in irreparable condition were taken apart, literally brick by brick. They are also a bridge between the Art Deco hubs of Shanghai and Miami, and a symbol of Asian and American fusion of The Setai, Miami Beach.


Q: How long have you been in the spa industry and how did your passion for skincare start?


CASSANDRA: I have been in the spa and wellness industry for over 25 years, working with some of the world’s most esteemed product houses and spas. My passion for skincare started at a young age, when I found that taking time to look after my skin not only helped my skin’s glow and appearance, but also gave me a positive mindset. Taking time for yourself each day is incredibly important for your wellbeing, my daily self-care routine preps me for the day and also relaxes me at night.



Q:  What is your experience as a Valmont community member?


CASSANDRA: My experience as a Valmont community member is unmatched and as I’ve mentioned before we feel privileged to be a partner of Valmont, and give our guests the ultimate luxurious spa experience with cutting-edge technology.


Q: What is your favourite Valmont Product?


CASSANDRA: I’m a fan of all Valmont products, however, my favorite would be the anti-aging l'Elixir des Glaciers Votre Visage ultimate youth cream. The fine, silky cream texture is heavenly to apply, and my skin is left beaming with unbeatable youth and freshness, whilst also feeling firm, toned and visibly hydrated. I lightly massage the cream across my entire face and neck morning and evening. We also use the l’Elixir des Glaciers in our Majestic Facial at The Setai, Miami Beach.



Rapid Fire:

Morning-Bird or Night-Owl

C: Morning Bird 


Mountain or Beach

C: Mountain


Cat or Dog

C: Dog


Must have outdoor Valmont product: Crème Merveilleuse

C: Crème Merveilleuse


Jazz Brunch or Jaya

C: Jazz Brunch 


Majestic Facial or Vitality of Glacier

C: Majestic Facial


Describe the Valmont Spa at the Setai in 3 words:

C: Luxurious, Unique and Result-Driven


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