Your Ultimate Evening Routine with Elixir des Glaciers

Your Ultimate Evening Routine with Elixir des Glaciers



Amanda Macino, Education Director at Valmont North America, shares her most luxurious skincare routine. 



Evening skincare routines can feel like work sometimes. It's not something we always look forward to when we come home exhausted after a long day (especially if your bed looks particularly comfortable). And that is an important element of a healthy skincare routine — enjoyment. You need to want to do it. It doesn't need to be a full-hour event — it can be just a few minutes — but focus on your skin, a proper cleansing technique, and a complete routine. Even putting a mask on is a nice way to just take time for yourself because let’s face it, you deserve it!

During the day, a lot is happening to our skin, from sun exposure, dehydration (especially in colder seasons), pollution, and so on... Which makes using the right products with high concentrations of actives, all the more essential to a nourishing evening skincare routine. This is why I believe l’Elixir des Glaciers is absolutely perfect for nighttime.

L'Elixir des Glaciers is more than just any skincare line; it's a luxurious skincare collection that combines the best of science and pleasure into intelligent formulas with the finest ingredients sourced around the world. Truly the ultimate in Anti-Aging. It has the highest concentration of active ingredients and is known for giving visible results. Whether it’s the feeling of lifted skin, an immediate glow, or pore tightening, the efficacy is unbelievable. Plus, the textures are sensorial and a pleasure to use. It is truly an “instant gratification” line.

When you take the time before you go to bed, it really gives you a moment of pause and repose. These products are so sensorial and effective; they really are ideal for that perfect nighttime routine.

Let's take a look at some tips that are going to help you make the most out of your skincare routine at night so that you can wake up refreshed and well-rested!



The Ultimate Evening Routine:

For the ultimate nighttime routine, of course, we want to start with cleansing. Valmont is a big advocate for double cleansing. I would suggest starting with a creamier cleanser. Wonder Falls is just that. Once you start to massage it in, it morphs into this beautiful oil and completely removes makeup and SPF. After wiping it off, you want to go in with a second cleanser that will give you a deeper clean. This is where Bubble Falls would come in. It's a beautiful product that offers a wonderful bubbly texture that leaves the skin very clean, without feeling stripped or dried.

The next product that I would use is Vital Falls. Not only is it one of our best-selling products, but it is also a softening toner, making it perfect for all skin types. People love this toner because it is not too stripping for the skin. In fact, we recommend using Vital Falls anytime the skin has come into contact with tap water to really neutralize any of the effects that tap water has on the skin.



After using your toner, I recommend using Masque Majestueux This is truly the ultimate when it comes to Valmont masks. But don't just take my word for it... This mask recently won an award for the best hydrating mask with Harper's Bazaar!

At night, the skin stops producing its oil so you often wake up very dry. So in the evening, really using a mask that's going to hydrate and nourish is key. I absolutely love this mask, because not only is it nourishing but it is activated by massage. Apply a medium to thick layer and massage the product for one to two minutes until it transforms into an oil. Once you get to that point, you'll leave the mask on for five to six minutes while indulging in some self-care. Towel off the mask with a warm damp cloth and take a look in the mirror. Your skin will be glowing, firm, plump, smooth, and radiant.

It is your “treat yourself” mask and results last for 72 hours!

After I've removed the mask, I like to go for our essence Fluide Merveilleux. You can think of it as a “pre-serum,” in that it's going to get your skin ready for the other products you'll be layering on top. The Fluide Merveilleux is deeply re-mineralizing it will help to refine skin texture and boost radiance on the skin. It is formulated with a nano-emulsion technology, meaning that the skin absorbs it instantly. In a nutshell, this is like your shot of radiance.



After applying the essence, you want to use a serum. In our Elixir des Glaciers line, the Sérum Précieux Votre Visage is an absolute must-have. This potent face serum provides instant lifting and helps to refine skin texture. Only one or two pumps are needed; gently apply it to your skin.  

And then we have Vos Yeux, the ultimate eye cream. It provides 360-degree action around the eyes. So any concern you have, this cream is going to address it. Dark circles, puffiness, loss of radiance—all smoothed out and lifted. And the best part: a little bit goes a very long way.

For the Face Cream, Votre Visage is a high-performance and velvety face cream that provides instant lifting and smoothing for the skin. If you are looking for more of a radiance and regenerative effect, Crème Merveilleuse would be the right choice. It replenishes and sublimates, completely transforming the skin and leaving it plumper and glowing. The texture is out of this world.



When you take time to slow down before bed, you create a moment of repose that helps you transition from your day. And by taking care of your skin with l’Elixir des Glaciers, you're creating optimal conditions for your skin to thrive while you sleep.
In the evening, we focus on rejuvenating, hydrating, and healing or repairing the skin—so that in the morning, it's ready to face the day. At night, we focus on restoring moisture and repairing any damage caused by daily life. So by using these highly effective products with these glorious richer textures in our evening routine, we can offset the water-loss we experience at night.



Majestic Treatment

And if you want to experience the best of l’Elixir des Glaciers, try our Majestic Facial. It’s the ultimate facial treatment we offer. It is a 90-minute facial in which you experience 45 minutes of massage as well all the best of the Elixir line. In just an hour and a half, you’ll see just how lifted, nourished and glowing your skin is. An incredibly luxurious experience.

Discover the Majestic Treatment at our Valmont Spa at the Carlyle in New York or Valmont Spa at the Birks Hotel in Montreal.


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