Prime Renewing Pack Set

Valmont cosmetics energizing set

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Your 4 Valmont essentials to restore energy to your cells in a few minutes - Result: radiant complexion and toned skin!

Prime Renewing Pack Set

Online exclusive

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Its benefits

Prime Renewing Pack: the best seller mask for anti-aging action and a complexion refreshed in 5 minutes

Prime B Cellular: This serum offers moisture and energy for a revitalized skin

Prime Contour: Eye and lip contour corrective treatment with ultra nourishing and anti-aging action

Prime 24 Hour: Energizing cream that stimulates cell vitality

An experience of magical happiness for all skin types


1x Prime Renewing Pack
1x Prime B Cellular
1x Prime Contour
1x Prime 24 Hour

Its application

Prime Renewing Pack:
For daily use to smooth and soften imperfections, apply a thick layer, leave on 3-5 minutes. Remove with damp cloth.
As daily progressive regulating treatment, use a thin layer followed by cream.
As a special instant glow treatment, apply a thick layer for 20 minutes. Remove with damp cloth.

Prime B Cellular:
Morning and/or night, apply with some pressure to the face. Let the product penetrate the skin with a light touch. Follow with an application of the cream best suited to your needs.

Prime Contour:
Morning and/or evening, apply product onto the area around the eyes and/or lips, dabbing gently until product is completely absorbed.
Do not swallow, be careful to apply around–not on–lips.

Prime 24 Hour:
Morning and/or evening, apply to the face following a serum.