Prime 24 Hour Set

Exclusive set

An Energy routine, preserving your skin’s youth

Your energizing hydration therapy… for a radiant complexion.

Prime 24 Hour Set

An Energy routine, preserving your skin’s youth

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Its benefits

Prime 24 Hour and Prime B-Cellular will instantly become your two best allies for a complete energizing hydration. Thanks to their benefits, your complexion looks visibly more youthful. These emblematic skincare products hydrate and invigorate your skin while delaying the first signs of aging.

Prime Contour and Prime Renewing Pack, the “Happy Mask” by Valmont, enhance your Energy beauty routine with a refreshing, revitalizing and youth-boosting ritual.

Your skin is more beautiful. Welcome to the unprecedented magic world of our beauty icons. An enchanting experience.


1 x Prime 24 Hour
50 ml
1 x Prime B-Cellular
30 ml
1 x Prime Contour
5 ml
1 x Prime Renewing Pack
15 ml