Storie Veneziane

Zafferano I

Perfume extract
Spicy Floriental

The warm embrace of spice and blossom where East encounters West
Zafferano I is a perfume created in celebration of the first spice merchants, the Moors of Venice and their age-old tradition of warmth and generosity. An exquisite combination of the precious, spicy saffron, the delicately sweet orange blossom and the intoxicating earthiness of agarwood and cedar give this sumptuous fragrance a zest of the contemporary. At the heart of sharing.

Zafferano I

The warm embrace of spice and blossom where East encounters West

100 ml
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Scent notes

Storie Veneziane - Zafferano I

Mythical, this coveted spice brings immediate warmth to the composition with its woody leathery force.

Essence of agarwood

Signature of the Orient... this wood of the Gods gives this extract a woody, slightly smoky wake of rich intensity.

Bitter orange blossom

The loving allusion to sweet delicacies! A silky, slightly honeyed fragrance.


Primary stage of the spice trade of which Venice once held a monopoly, the San Polo marketplace is the embodiment of the city's oriental facets. An explosion of colours, an abundance of merchandise, a place where cultures converge and human warmth reigns, the spirit of goodwill sealed by the traditional tea ceremony.
This spicy floral extract is an illustration of this wealth of textures, scents, and sweet honey flavours. Its generous wake is an immediate invitation to visit lands afar and celebrate the authenticity of moments shared.
The cognac-coloured artist bottle with its embossed mask and envelope of gold is a reminder of the sumptuous perfume it holds.


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