Valmont is pleased to present you its secret offer in collaboration with Ecentime.

For the occasion, we’ve rounded up our favorite coffret and iconic products. 

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Offer valid from the10th to the 12th of October on the following product selection.




Winter Illuminations Advent Calendar
Dodici prodotti iconici della skincare di lusso per una pelle splendida durante le festività
400 €
Crème Merveilleuse
Ultimate regenerating cream
986 €
V-Line Lifting Eye Cream
Crema contorno occhi levigante
As low as 215 €
Prime Renewing Pack
Maschera illuminante istantanea
As low as 270 €
DetO2x Cream
Crema ossigenante detossinante
As low as 262 €
Deto2x Eye
Crema contorno occhi vitalità
As low as 178 €
Prime 24 Hour
Crema energizzante e idratante
As low as 226 €
Prime Contour
Trattamento correttivo contorno occhi e labbra
As low as 156 €
Prime B-Cellular
Siero antietà cellulare energizzante
As low as 227 €
Moisturizing With A Mask
Maschera idratante istantanea
60 €
Moisturizing With A Cream
Questa crema nutriente offre alla pelle un’idratazione straordinaria.
60 €
Primary Veil
Soluzione spray preparatoria protettiva
As low as 114 €
I PIÙ VENDUTI Hydra3 Regenetic Serum
Siero antietà attivatore d’idratazione
145 €
Hydra3 Regenetic Serum
Siero antietà attivatore d’idratazione
As low as 256 €
Moisturizing Booster
Siero idratante rimpolpante
As low as 157 €