Winter Illumination - Firmed & Toned Skin

A collection of volume-replenishing and firmness-enhancing treatments
Transform your skin with Valmont's V-Firm collection, featuring four potent products for denser, firmer skin. Target sagging and loss of firmness with the V-Firm complex, boasting luxurious textures that work on the skin's dermal matrix. The firming trio, along with a facial fitness tool, comprises: V-Firm Cream (50ml): An enveloping cocoon of densifying actives. V-Firm Serum (30ml): A light, tensing veil for firmness and plumping. V-Firm Eye (15ml): Sumptuous 'honey gel' texture to tighten and smooth. Plus, receive a Facial Fitness Tool: Stimulates the skin for enhanced results. Formulated with potent peptides and a unique Density Complex, the V-Firm line addresses  saggy skin, jowls, and nasolabial folds resulting from reduced collagen and elastin. DNA/RNA contribute to visible anti-aging effects. Key Ingredients: Essence of Bees complex: Honey, propolis, and royal jelly nourish, repair, and soothe the skin; Flaxseed Oil: Nourishes and fights oxidation; Rosa Moschata Oil: Restores the skin's natural barrier and promotes cell renewal.
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This set is composed of :

Valmont V-Firm Serum targeting tone and elasticity to plump and firm the facial contours.
Firmness & contour corrector serum
V-Firm Eye
Firming eye contour care
V-Firm Cream concentrates its efforts on densifying the skin’s barrier to improve firmness and elasticity for a face contour redefined.
Densifying face cream

1 x V-Firm Cream (50ml), 1 x V-Firm Serum (30ml), 1 x V-Firm Eye (15ml), 1 x Face Fitness Tool

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