Time Master Intensive Program

Intensive anti-aging treatment

4 youth-boosting actions in 28 days
Essential all-around anti-aging cellular treatment: hydrates, tones, firms and boosts radiance.

Time Master Intensive Program

4 youth-boosting actions in 28 days

14 x 3 ml
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Its benefits

The youth elixir!
The top combination of Valmont’s anti-aging and anti-wrinkle expertise, this treatment stimulates cell activity to reprogram youth.

5 essential active ingredients treat 4 key factors:
. Liposome DNA intensely hydrates;
. Liposome RNA stimulates cell regeneration and strengthens intercellular tissue;
. Hyaluronic acid fills fine lines and gives prolonged hydration;
. Elastin reviver improves elasticity
. Peptide cocktail fights wrinkles.

Formulated with a nano-emulsion so fine that it penetrates skin at a faster speed, this highly concentrated treatment reveals a visibly younger face in 28 days. Skin is radiant, regenerated, and has regained tone and vitality.


. Liposome DNA: hydrates and regenerates, and strengthens intercellular bonds.

. Liposome RNA: stimulates healing.

. Hyaluronic acid: fills fine lines and delivers prolonged hydration.

. Elastin reviver improves elasticity.

. Peptide cocktail: fights wrinkles.

Its application

Morning and evening, skip serum and apply 5 pumps to face and neck. Use both hands to spread product from the center of the face outward, using smoothing upward movements. Continue onto neck and upper chest. Once absorbed, apply light pressure on chin, forehead and cheeks. Finish by applying a cream best suited to your skin’s needs.

Use as a 28-day treatment, every 3-6 months.