Collezione Privata

Collectione Privata - Colezzione Privata Discovery Set
Collectione Privata
Colezzione Privata Discovery Set

3 travel sizes unveil 3 stylish eaux de parfum


Olfactory Tributes


Delicate eaux de parfum

A woman’s homage to those she has praised and enhanced for 20 years. Sophie Vann-Guillon opens the doors of her “Collezione Privata,” of eau de parfum by Storie Veneziane. It delivers three expressions of femininity: sometimes mischievous and rebellious, elegant and sober, intellectual and intimate. Sensual and contrasting, the fragrances are worn as embellishments of beauty.

With Collezione Privata, I draw three women, three muses, adorned with textured perfumes. All different, all fascinating.

Sophie Vann-Guillon


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