First signs of Aging

Valmont - Hydra3 Eye
Hydra3 Eye
Targeted hydration around the eyes

Lasting hydration gives a look that’s more radiant than ever

15 ml
l'Elixir des Glaciers - Crème Merveilleuse
l'Elixir des Glaciers
Crème Merveilleuse
Sublime radiance restoring veil

Ultimate regenerating cream

50 ml
l'Elixir des Glaciers - Fluide Merveilleux
l'Elixir des Glaciers
Fluide Merveilleux
Remineralizing and illuminating pre-serum

The ultimate regenerative essence

100 ml
Valmont - Prime Renewing Pack
Prime Renewing Pack
Instant radiance-replenishing mask
Relaxes facial features and reinvigorates radiance
50 ml
Valmont - Prime Regenera II
Prime Regenera II
Intense repairing nutrition balm
Repairs extremely dry and damaged skin
50 ml
Valmont - Prime Contour
Prime Contour
Eye and lip contour corrective treatment
Ultra-nourishing, hydrating, and overall anti-aging
15 ml
Valmont - Prime B-Cellular
Prime B-Cellular
Energizing cellular anti-aging serum
Tones and smoothes the features of lifeless skin
30 ml
Valmont - Prime 24 Hour
Prime 24 Hour
1st action in anti-aging
Protects against the first signs of aging
50 ml
Valmont - DetO2x Cream
DetO2x Cream
Detoxifying oxygenating cream
A breath of fresh air for the skin
45 ml