Collezione Privata

Private Mind

Eau de parfum
Floral Leather

A fascinating enigma for the sensual and racy
The secret garden of an intellectual woman, with a maddening sensuality which intrigues and attracts with a rich interior. This eau de parfum stirs the senses with the spicy heat of saffron, the voluptuousness of rose, and the vibrant, animalistic accents of leathery notes. It envelops feline women with a calm and intimate temperament. It is fire under ice.

Private Mind

A fascinating enigma for the sensual and racy

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Scent notes

Collezione Privata - Private Mind

Mythical, this coveted spice brings immediate warmth to the composition with its woody leathery force.


A flower as fragile as it is voluptuous, it anchors the composition with fresh vibrancy.


An opulent and balsamic scent, rich and distinguished.


Private Mind reveals a slowly hypnotic fragrance. The confidence of an enigmatic and impervious woman who adorns her skin with cashmere and leather, and dreams of perfection and flourishes of hushed intimacy. Created around the luxurious and expertly spiced saffron and incensed with voluptuous rose and sultry leather, this fragrance celebrates charm for every occasion.

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