Storie Veneziane

Storie Veneziane - Zafferano I
Storie Veneziane
Zafferano I
Perfume extract
The warm embrace of spice and blossom where East encounters West

Olfactory Tales


Opulent extraits de parfum

A collection of olfactory jewels carved like works of art, Storie Veneziane invites you on a Venetian escapade with perfected and noble perfumes. A spring bouquet, an ode to femininity. The enchantment of senses and heightened sensuality from the Orient lend their powers of seduction to these daring wakes.

With the Storie Veneziane by Valmont collection, I create perfume extracts borrowed from Venetian magic, true gems to adorn the skin.

Sophie Vann-Guillon
Storie Veneziane - Rosso I
Storie Veneziane
Rosso I
Extrait de parfum
The incandescence of the senses for enthusiasts
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