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Creams that soothe skin and spirit

Our Valmont and l'Elixir des Glaciers cellular cosmetics creams include anti-aging effective and targeted solutions for every skincare need: from moisturizing, oxygenating, energizing, lifting, restoring density, protection from sun and radiance skin creams. 

Crème Merveilleuse
Ultimate regenerating cream
CHF 1,050
DetO2x Cream
Detoxifying oxygenating cream
As low as CHF 262
Prime 24 Hour
Energizing and moisturizing cream
As low as CHF 226
Moisturizing Serumulsion
Moisture-binding emulsion
As low as CHF 166
BESTSELLERS Moisturizing With A Cream
24h hydration cream
As low as CHF 187

Mini Luxuries 

Swiss skincare sized for trial

V-Firm Cream concentrates its efforts on densifying the skin’s barrier to improve firmness and elasticity for a face contour redefined.
Densifying face cream
CHF 410
Glow-enhancing cream
CHF 215
Primary Pomade
Rich repairing balm
CHF 284
Primary Cream
Essential soothing cream
CHF 205
BESTSELLERS V-Line Lifting Cream
Smoothing wrinkle correction cream
CHF 352
Votre Visage
Ultimate lifting cream
CHF 710
Restoring Perfection SPF 50
High protection anti-aging cream
CHF 224
Prime Regenera II
CHF 268
Prime Regenera I
Oxygenating and energizing cream
CHF 253
BESTSELLERS Hydra3 Regenetic Cream
Total hydration anti-aging cream
CHF 295