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Brighten your complexion with our exfoliants and masks

Improve your skin's texture with our exfoliants, face peels and masks. Our face exfoliants help revitalize, smooth and resurface the skin while our eye and face masks deliver a unique sensory experience smoothing, purifying, hydrating, erasing fatigue, oxygenating to reveal a long-lasting healthy skin.

BESTSELLERS Prime Renewing Pack
Instant radiance-replenishing mask
CHF 270.00
Moisturizing with a mask
Instant thirst-quenching mask
As low as CHF 185.00
Resurfacing mask
CHF 180.00
Glow enhancement peeling lotion
CHF 130.00
Face Exfoliant
Exfoliating and revitalizing cream
CHF 89.00
Purifying Pack
Purifying clay mask
CHF 172.00
Masque Majestueux Votre Visage
Regenerative nourishing mask
CHF 450.00