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Enrich your skin with our dehydration treatments

Well hydrated skin is the first step in countering premature signs of aging. These highly efficient hydrating treatments boast our signature Triple DNA molecule, simple sugars and hyaluronic acid to add and retain moisture. Essential additions to your daily skincare regimen for plumper, radiant, youthful-looking skin. 

Hand 24 Hour
Anti-aging hand cream
As low as CHF 45.00
Moisturizing with a mask
Instant thirst-quenching mask
As low as CHF 185.00
BESTSELLERS Moisturizing with a cream
With nurturing moisture, this cream infuses skin with unprecedented hydration.
As low as CHF 187.00
Moisturizing eye emulsion
CHF 139.00
Crème Merveilleuse
Ultimate regenerating cream
CHF 1,050.00
Fluide Merveilleux
A remineralizing and illuminating pre-serum
CHF 368.00
Time Master Intensive Program
Intensive anti-aging treatment
CHF 1,295.00
Eye Regenerating Mask
Collagen eye mask
CHF 317.00
BESTSELLERS Hydra3 Regenetic Serum
Anti-aging hydration-activating serum
CHF 256.00
Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask
Smoothing under eye patch
CHF 155.00
Votre Visage
Ultimate lifting cream
CHF 710.00
The complete eye cream
CHF 347.00
Sérum Précieux Votre Visage
A highly concentrated luxury serum
CHF 597.00
Priming with a hydrating fluid
Instant hydrating primer
CHF 155.00
Prime Regenera I
Oxygenating and energizing cream
CHF 253.00
Prime Lip Repair
Repairing lip care
CHF 145.00
Prime Contour
Eye and lip contour corrective treatment
CHF 158.00
Prime B-Cellular
Energizing cellular anti-aging serum
CHF 227.00
Energizing and moisturizing cream
CHF 226.00
Moisturizing Serumulsion
Moisture-binding emulsion
CHF 166.00
BESTSELLERS Moisturizing Booster
Plumping hydrating serum
CHF 163.00
BESTSELLERS Hydra3 Regenetic Cream
Total hydration anti-aging cream
CHF 295.00