The world of Valmont

Swiss cellular cosmetics and Haute Parfumerie collections for the pleasure of the senses and tender-loving care of your skin.


The secret to lasting beauty is healthy skin

For over 35 years, Valmont has perpetuated the unique expertise of Swiss cellular cosmetics to offer astonishingly effective anti-aging treatments for age-defying beauty.


Our vision is inspired by one simple belief: that the true secret to lasting beauty is natural, healthy and glowing skin.


Guided by this principle, we leveraged science, medecine, nature and art to develop anti-aging solutions that target the skin on a cellular level, altering their properties and stimulating immediate and long-lasting results.


Through prorietary ingredients – DNA and RNA – coupled with nature's rarest ingredients from the peaks of the Alpine glaciers to the depths of the ocean, our products help everyone reveal their inner radiance – and unlock lasting, youthful beauty.

Swiss excellence and savoir-faire


Our story begins in 1905, when Dr. Henry-Auguste Widmer founded the Valmont Clinic with a focus on promoting health and well-being. As the first of its kind in Switzerland, the clinic soon became a recognized leader in genetics and cellular cosmetics.


In 1985, a breakthrough patented discovery by prominent cosmetologist Dr. Nadja Avalle signalled the time had come to create the ultimate cosmetic brand, blending the best of science and nature to fight the external signs of aging.


Valmont is born and now boasts a prestigious portfolio of over 100 skincare treatments and perfumes of unrivalled quality and world renown. 

The science behind our skincare

Cellular cosmetics at the heart of healthy skin

Our cellular cosmetics expertise dates back to the 1980s, when a team of Swiss biologists and cosmetologists went to work searching for the ultimate weapon to fight the external signs of aging. Building on the concept of cellulotherapy, Valmont researchers delved into the nucleus of the skin's cells to extract two molecules with exceptional qualities: DNA and RNA. This dynamic duo strengthens and stimulates cells suffering from the effects of time or outside aggressions, revealing sublime and youthfully radiant skin. 


Today, we carry forward that spirit of scientific innovation, with unique ingredients and patented technologies that augment the natural dynamism of the skin. From our Triple DNA formula to rare male-sturgeon DNA and our proprietary Essence of Bees Complex, we're constantly testing the boundaries of science, using elements from the purest corners of nature.

Valmont harvests macro-molecules intact, thus preserving their incomparable regenerative power.

The power of Swiss nature

From alpine garden to beehive for the beauty of your skin

With unspoiled landscapes, pure air and water, Switzerland offers optimal conditions to develop and create high-quality cosmetic products. It's in this privileged environment that Valmont extracts nature’s best-kept secrets to harness their healing properties.


- Our Phyto Alpine Garden, nestled in the Swiss Alps, is our principal source of the raw materials that go into our skincare formulas. This is where plants such as Rosa Moschata, Sea Buckthorn and Echinacea, featuring some of the most powerful natural ingredients, are organically grown.


- Glacial spring water, drawn from the snow-capped Swiss mountains, is as natural as ingredients come. At more than 2,000 meters of altitude, the Arolla glacier is the source of pure water flow which is soft and perfectly balanced, promoting skin cell metabolism and enhancing the skin's natural defense system.


- We leverage the unique properties from the beehive for our prestigious L’Elixir des Glaciers anti-aging collection. Through our privelged partnership with a respected Swiss beekeper, we source the treasures of honey, propolis and royal jelly for our Essence of Bees complex.

Our brands

3 brands commited to beauty


The master of anti-aging treatments

Harnessing the secrets of the alps and the expertise of cellular cosmetics, Valmont's skin and body care treatments truly defy the effects of time.

l'Elixir des Glaciers

Beauty deserves a masterpiece

Our most prestigious collection. Crafted with nature's rarest ingredients — glacial spring water, extracts of the beehive, noble plant extracts and rare sturgeon DNA — and Triple DNA, these nutrient-dense formulas deliver a multisensory experience of pure luxury for the skin.

Storie Veneziane

The art of perfume in three collections


Journey through the senses with our three enchanting Storie Veneziane collections: 

Collezione Privata: Captivating couture eaux de parfums, a tribute to femininity.

Palazzo Nobile: Floral, crystalline, eaux de toilettes that reflect our myriad of emotions.

Storie Veneziane: Olfactory jewels, exquisite extrait de parfums, the secrets of Venice unveiled. 

The Guillon Familly

Born from a love of universal beauty

Sophie Vann Guillon and Didier Guillon have driven Valmont for more than 20 years with a shared passion for aesthetics.


Sophie oversees all aspects of product creation, supervises marketing and communication and manages international press relations, guided by her intuition, experience and commitment.


Didier shares his aesthetic vision and draws from his passion for art to sublimate refined packaging designs in ultra-limited editions. The alliance of art and beauty is the inspiration behind the brand’s primary motto: when art meets beauty.


In 2022, Maxence Guillon joined the family business as President of the Valmont Foundation. 

Sophie Vann Guillon - CEO of Valmont

Sophie is the woman behind Valmont's success. With a background in Marketing, Sophie embarked on her professional journey with Parfums Balmain and Oscar de la Renta. This is where she first fell in love with the magic of perfumery.

She then relocated to Geneva to work for Yves Saint Laurent Perfumes, where she dove into the world of fragrances, makeup and skincare and perfected her craft.

In 2000, she joined the Valmont Group, where she unleashed her creative spirit to develop flagship products for Valmont and l’Elixir des Glaciers, and conceived the iconic Storie Veneziane perfume collection.

Today, Sophie oversees the Valmont Group as CEO, ensuring the integrity, success and longevity of each and every brand. 

Didier Guillon, Art lover in chief

A descendant of a Viennese gallery owner, Didier was brought up in the world of cosmetics under the guidance of his father, co-founder of the Mustela brand in 1953. Father and son shared a penchant for art in all its forms, visiting exhibitions the world over.

After decades of developing his craft and knowledge of cosmetics, Didier acquired the Valmont brand in 1991, sensing the potential for the company's exponential growth.

In 2015, he launched the Fondation Valmont to celebrate his passion for art sharing a collection that can be seen by clients of La Maison Valmont as well as friends within Les Résidences Valmont in Greece, Verbier, Barcelona and Venice.

Today, Didier lives in Venice, and continues to celebrate passion for universal beauty and the creative evolution of the Valmont Group...

Fondation Valmont

When art meets beauty

Stemming from the desire to establish the Group's long term artistic commitment, Fondation Valmont perpetuates its parent company's mission to promote art, beauty and all that stands apart.

In 2015 comes the consecration. Venice, where art abounds as water flows, the indisputable location of choice. The Serenissima becomes the canvas of the international institution’s foundation, Palazzo Bonvicini its chef d’oeuvre. A new pillar with the ambition to add a building block to the edifice, to share passion, to reveal vocations. 

Crepuscolo. L’attesa, Silvano Rubino, within the exhibition Venetian Love, Palazzo Bonvicini, 2020

Didier Guillon, Chairman and Art Director, Valmont Group