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Swiss cellular solutions for dry skin

Dryness can make your skin appear wrinkled and feel rough and tight to the touch. If your complexion is suffering from dryness, including signs of flaking, itching or redness, then you need the support of our ultra-hydrating eye care, cleansers, serums, creams, masks and makeup. Each treatment is designed to gently hydrate to bring your complexion back to life. 

Moisturizing Booster
Plumping hydrating serum
As low as CHF 163.00
Moisturizing Serumulsion
Moisture-binding emulsion
As low as CHF 166.00
Moisturizing With A Mask
Instant thirst-quenching mask
As low as CHF 185.00
BESTSELLERS Moisturizing With A Cream
With nurturing moisture, this cream infuses skin with unprecedented hydration.
As low as CHF 187.00
Wonder Falls
Comforting makeup removing cream
CHF 75.00

Mini Luxuries 

Swiss skincare sized for trial

Bi-phase eye makeup remover
CHF 68.00
Prime Regenera II
CHF 268.00
Prime Lip Repair
Repairing lip care
CHF 145.00
Masque Majestueux Votre Visage
Regenerative nourishing mask
CHF 450.00
Cure Majestueuse
Nourishing beauty oil
CHF 323.00