Palazzo Nobile

Fizzy Mint

Eau de Toilette
Aromatic citrus

The elegance of an eau fraîche

Decisively contemporary, this citrus water brings sparkle to all things natural. Its crystalline purity reveals an aromatic bouquet composed of sparkling bergamot, textured, crumpled mint and lemon verbena notes. An explosion of scintillating freshness, tangy and light, this fragrance reveals the natural elegance and authentic joie de vivre of the personality who wears it.

Fizzy Mint

The elegance of an eau fraîche

100 ml
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Scent notes

Palazzo Nobile - Fizzy Mint

The tangy sparkle of the citrus fruit zest.

Crinkled mint accord

A subtle note of pepper punctuates its citrus composition.

Aromatic verbena accord

This splash of yellow enhances the freshness of modern citrus.


Fizzy Mint embodies natural magnetism with its refined freshness. Authentic souls recognize an expression of their inner harmony in its fragrance, sculpted around sparkling bergamot, citrus mint and lemon verbena. A universal green water.


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