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Zafferano I

Extrait de parfum Spicy Floriental
Intensely deep and distinctive, Zafferano I’s balance of bright florals and spiced accents takes the wearer on a journey without bounds. East-meets-west aromas of saffron, bigaradier blossoms and precious oud lend authenticity and generosity to this captivating extrait de parfum filled with wonder and wanderlust.
100 ml
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Zafferano I

Exotic energy

Summoning Venice’s bustling and ancient San Polo Marketplace and named after a russet-colored pigment used by Murano glassmakers, Zafferano I is an exotic celebration of the Italian city’s historic spice trade. As it recalls the rich colors, evocative aromas and warm generosity of the marketplace, it tells an authentic story about the district it embodies. In homage to Venetian craftsmanship, the bottle features a Murano mask, designed by Didier Guillon and hand-fashioned by master glassmaker Leonardo Cimolin, and a leather-trimmed topper.

A perfect blend

Warm scents of saffron combine with blossomy florals of bigarade and opulent oud. A luxurious and intense aroma that impeccably balances masculine and feminine notes.

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