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Cutie Pear

Eau de toilette Floral Fruity
A light, elegant and sophisticated scent, Cutie Pear combines notes of fruit, tea and milk in a contemporary tribute to sweet family ties and precious feelings of togetherness.
100 ml
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Cutie Pear

A spark of joy in a bottle of bliss

Juicy and enveloping with a vivacious twist, Cutie Pear is an inspirational olfactory interpretation of warm emotions as the family sits down at the breakfast table in a moment of shared happiness. A subtle blend of fruit and flowers, transparency and roundness, elegance and insouciance, this sparkling eau de toilette invites you to embrace life to the fullest.

If you enjoy fresh fragrances that awaken and arouse the senses, if tart and juicy notes, slightly sweet but never cloying make your mouth water, if you love wrapping yourself in delicate transparent floral scents with a warm and balmy wake, Cutie Pear is the perfume of your dreams.

If bubble tea were a scent…

Pear and rhubarb for a fresh opening, sweet and tangy, make way for a floral green zesty note then move on to a tender enveloping caress where crispness and warmth meld into a sophisticated finishing wake



Milky sandalwood

An enveloping cloud of milk for a hint of youthful innocence and creamy sandalwood for a warm balmy wake.


Pear and rhubarb

The tart crunch of rhubarb softened by the juicy sweet pear for a refreshing, exuberant chord.


Sweet pea and tea

Aerial notes of fruity redolence enhanced by green accents for a touch of vivacity.

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