Travel to the heart of Venice, where East meets West,
with the new spicy-floral fragrance by Storie Veneziane.

A new perfume extract, authentic, sumptuous, and sophisticated

Designed by perfume creator Sophie Vann Guillon and master perfumer Cécile Zarokian,
Zafferano I brings the East and West together in a delicious blend of spicy warmth and floral freshness.
Composed of the finest raw materials such as saffron and agarwood, Zafferano I offers a lasting trail of a deeply rich and sophisticated scent.
Delicate bitter orange accents collide with traditional woody notes to create a warm and exhilarating contrast. Perceived at first as a perfume designed uniquely for woman, Zafferano I is equally appealing as a fragrance for men.

Zafferano I

Perfume extract - Fragrance family: Spicy-floral

A warm, spicy-floral fusion with top notes of delicate spices and saffron, middle notes of sweet and elegant bitter orange, and base notes of precious, voluptuous cedar and agarwood.

Zafferano I
Extrait de parfum Spicy Floriental
CHF 540

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An intoxicating blend of olfactory notes with spicy, floral and woody facets

Top note

Saffron, a mythical spice

Rare and precious, this coveted spice adds warm accents and irresistible, woody-leathery notes to the perfume.

Middle note

Bitter orange blossom brings sweet treats to mind

Delicate and sweet-smelling, this zesty bloom adds a hint of honeyed sweetness for a smooth, rich, floral-fruity effect.

Base note

Oud Essence of agarwood: powerful and intoxicating

Deep, earthy and slightly smoky, agarwood brings its sensual, woody potency to the extract’s base notes.

Inspired by generosity. At the heart of sharing.

A tribute to the Moors, the first spice traders to bring the finest materials and aromas from the East to Venice's San Polo market, Zafferano I embodies the spirit of generosity, authenticity and opulence.

“Inspired by Venice’s fascinating history, I wanted to create a contemporary, original fragrance that captures the warmth of sharing, the opulence of ambery scents and the aromatic magic that occurs when two civilisations meet.”

Sophie Vann Guillon,
Valmont CEO and Creator of the Storie
Veneziane fragrances

Zafferano I is an ode to kindness, generosity, aromatic abundance and sensual harmony; an elegant blend of floral and spicy notes, honeyed gourmand aromas, and fragrant hints of cardamom, cinnamon and ginger of the traditional tea ceremony.

Opulence in a bottle

A miniature work of art, the Zafferano I spray bottle is inspired by Venetian craftsmanship. The gold-coloured bottle is finished with a hand-blown Murano glass mask and a luxurious leather cap – creating a sumptuous mix of colours, shapes and materials.
With its sparkling packaging and alluring blend of floral, woody and spicy scents, this is a true jewel of a perfume.

Zafferano I
Extrait de parfum Spicy Floriental
CHF 540

Out of stock

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