Storie Veneziane

Mica d'Oro I

Addictive decadence
Oriental Gourmand

An addictive temptation for hedonists
An ode to pleasure and temptation in all its delicacies and intensities, this Gourmand Oriental extract celebrates addictions with notes of sweet and burning rum, topped by alluring whipped cream and sensual vanilla borrowed from the East. This hypnotic trail teeters on the border of masculine and feminine, creating a wicked obsession.

Mica d'Oro I

An addictive temptation for hedonists

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The Casino du Ridotto found its home in a Venice from a bygone era, host to forbidden games and awakened pleasures. The extract finds inspiration in this flamboyant home of mariners stopping over in between the East and the West. A trail that strikes a subtle balance of sweet and spicy, imbued with consensual addiction and delightful decadence. A celebration of drunken indulgence and gluttony ignites the forbidden. As the ultimate symbol of opulence, its bottle features a mask motif adorned with a gold leaf.

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