The Anti-Wrinkle Lifting Spa Ritual

The pinnacle of spa pleasure

Lift from

the Peaks 

Smooth, plump and tone

This treatment program is designed to relieve stress in the areas of your face showing superficial or more pronounced wrinkles for a smoothing and lifting effect.

Is this the right spa ritual for you? 

With the passing of time, you may notice the deepening of fine lines into wrinkles. If this is the case, our anti-wrinkle and lifting treatment will bring you both the joy of a deep, slow and relaxing spa experience and the pleasure of seeing the esults in the mirror.

Increasing effectiveness with our unique massage therapy techniques

A slow, deep-tissue massage based on fascia therapy to alleviate tension, release muscle knots, relax and tone to fight wrinkles and give the face a lift. Each pass of the hand infuses the skin with a powerful cocktail of lifting ingredients and a collagen veil as the grand finale. 

Proven effectiveness

- 7%

Wrinkle density per mm2 after a single treatment *

* Results of an instrumental test measuring wrinkle density by fringe projection on a panel of 16 women, average age 55, immediately after the treatment.

Swiss inspiration behind the name

Like the ski lifts that carry skiers to mountain peaks, Lift from the Peaks defies the laws of gravity, imparting its smoothing and stress-relieving power on skin witness to the passage of time.

From Valmont Spas to the comfort of your home

To indulge your skin between treatments, create your personal oasis of tender loving skincare at home with the products in this ritual:

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Discover what your skin needs

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Discover what your skin needs

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Frequently asked questions

Our beauty experts respond to your questions

Why visit a Valmont Spa?

Transformational treatments

Backed by more than 35 years of cellular cosmetic expertise, Valmont treatments leave skin radiant, replumped, fresh and glowing. Cells reap the benefits of our singularly effective, biomimetic ingredients, while tissues revel in the most specialized modeling methods.

Exclusive massage techniques

Valmont's signature massage techniques blend science with pure pleasure to relax the skin and free the mind. Each one targets a specific need, sense or part of the body, using different speeds, rhythms and levels of pressure to provide an effective and deeply soothing treatment.

A multi-sensory pampering experience

Your treatment will be accompanied by the soothing sounds of the Swiss mountains, thanks to our exclusive partnership with the Swiss musician Ripperton. Recorded in the heart of the Alps, these calming compositions draw inspiration from the Solfeggio arpeggio and meditational airs such as Gamelan, Raag Bhairavi and Shree. All tension evaporates as you lose yourself in this magical music, which leaves you feeling both profoundly serene and bursting with energy.


What is Valmont's signature butterfly motion?

Developed more than 35 years ago, Valmont's famous massage technique is inspired by the butterfly: a symbol of metamorphosis, lightness and beauty.

Our exclusive butterfly motion involves a gracefully choreographed series of effleurage movements targeting specific areas of the neck, décolleté and face. Deeply calming, it dispels tension and leaves features visibly relaxed. This special technique also revives microcirculation and promotes lymphatic drainage, helping to eliminate toxins.

A unique sensory experience with aesthetic benefits, it lights up each treatment like the chorus of a song: stirring, soothing and spellbinding.

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